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Limousine service in Ho Chi Minh city


Limousine service Ho Chi Minh city

Original from Ford Transit 16-seat 2017 was being experts improvement  into a luxury limousine, with only 07-09 seats, spacious seats and recline or rotate to form a comfortable bed. Limousines are also equipped as a mobile office, business class of luxury cars, is ideal for business trips away, senior meetings, the senior tour …

Vietnam Limousine service in Ho Chi Minh city with modern structure to help you have a great trip

With 09 seats of Limousine , the leather seats, electric can multicast, two front seat in the passenger compartment is arranged desks neatly placed in the hands, similar to business class on a plane. In addition, on the headrest of 2 seats VIP between 2 screen mounted in the center connected to two independent DVD player cater to the entertainment needs of the last row.

Large glass panels immediately shielded by a curtain electrical control systems from the USA, the door was fitted cabin control system / off automatically can be closed / opened by remote control from the cockpit and from cabin.

In order to insulate the passenger compartment and cockpit, a 32 inch television automatic control open / close contact window. This television connected to the iPad Air system capable of movies screened in the data warehouse Itunes, or connected with Apple TV system. The sound on this special limousine as JBL stereo version 60th anniversary but we are Thai Duong Limousine .

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